Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Unifi Radius MAC-Authentification

Configure a new wireless network (settings > wireless networks) of type WPA personal and configure a security key (shared by all users). In the same window under "advanced options" enable "Radius MAC authentication", select your radius server profile (or create a new) and MAC address format. When a user connects, a radius access request is sent with user and password set to the mac address of the client station (in the format defined before). The radius access accept message can e.g. specify a dynamic vlan so this feature offers more than just a centralised mac whitelist. The wifi key configured in unifi needs to be provided when connecting to the ssid. The radius verification takes place before the key is used but is not sufficient to provide access: a radius access accept is needed as well as the correct key.

Wireless network with a static vlan

 Wireless network with a dynamic vlan (Radius reply attribute)

 To configure Radius profiles

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kanaal Mechelen

Fietstocht langs het kanaal van Mechelen (April 2012)

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Banff National Park

Stunning view from Sulphur Mountain, one of nature's miracles. Due to the enormous resolution, it's best to zoom in and if possible use a dual monitor setup :)

On the Road to Yoho National Park

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Icefields Parkway - Peyto Lake

Panorama photo, generated from 2 separate RAW images. Tools used: Rawstudio and Hugin (all Linux :P ). I manually defined connection points and look at the result.... awesome!! exactly as it was :)

And now as HDR with Photomatix as extra step:

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